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Festival Information

This weekend, 14 to 17 June, Union High School’s Junior Sports Department will be hosting its 20th annual Anne Beagley Junior Rugby & Hockey Festival in Graaff-Reinet. The festival is named after Mrs. Anne Beagley who started this festival and convened it for many years.

Mrs. Beagley’s vision 20 years ago was to create an opportunity for brother and sister schools from cities, to come and experience a weekend of Karoo hospitality and friendship. This has certainly been achieved.

Every year at this festival, parents and spectators can expect displays of talent, skill and sportsmanship by many young sports stars of the future in an atmosphere of healthy competition and friendly rivalry. Over the course of these four days, the visiting learners can enjoy the fresh Karoo air and fun activities in a safe environment while their coaches and parents enjoy the culinary expertise of a group of dedicated Union High School parents, as well as the hospitality of the Old Unionite Association.

Union wishes to once again thank our dedicated sponsors for their contribution to this sports festival. Without their support, a festival of this magnitude will surely not be possible.

Thanks are also extended to all the rugby and hockey teams that travel far and wide every year to attend this much-anticipated event.

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